Silver Gum Owen Duncan 2

Sunday, December 17: Introducing the Trees of UCSB: Six Continents in Three Hours

Field Trip with Larry Ballard

Sunday, December 17, 9:00 a.m. to noon.
Participation is limited to 25.
Advance registration begins November 17 at or 805/ 693-5683.
Members free/ non-members $20.
Campus parking: $4.

Featured photo of Ribbon Gum by Owen Duncan.

Ribbon Gum photo by Owen Duncan.

UCSB has more than 250 tree species from six continents growing on campus. This walking tour will take a look at the architecture of trees, discuss identification tips, and serve as an introduction to the urban trees of the Santa Barbara area. We’ll see Weeping Pine, Queensland Kauri, Chilean Wine Palm, Abyssinian Coral Tree, and Manna Gum among others. Many of the trees were planted while Dr. Vernon Cheadle was Chancellor of UCSB (1962-1977). The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration is a continuation of his botanical legacy.

Adolescent leaves of Silver Gum. Photo by Owen Duncan.

Larry Ballard has an interest in all aspects of the region’s natural history, and has led many natural history trips for our organization as well as for other groups and institutions in Santa Barbara County.