Agaves Lupines After Fire JEvarts

Saturday, April 28: Color After Ashes: Following the Fire-Followers

Field Trip with Larry Ballard.

Saturday, April 28, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Participation is limited to 20.
Advance registration begins March 28 at or 805/ 693-5683.
Members $10. / Non-members $25. / Children $5. Payment can be made via check or cash on the day of the field trip or in advance of the trip using a credit card online (once advance registration is completed).

Featured image of post-fire Yuccas and Mariposa Lilies by John Evarts

Tufted Poppies (Eschscholtzia caespitosa) bloom in profusion after fire. Photo by John Evarts

The profuse floral display of fire-followers is one of the most impressive sights in the California flora. Locally, tuberous plants like Marah have already sent up their first leafy tendrils. Annuals with long-dormant seeds will flourish with just a few inches of winter rain. In the Whittier fire area, chaparral shrubs that sprout from root crowns are already 5′ tall, even though they’ve gone ten months without a trace of rain. Unfortunately last year’s fires have left us with too many places to visit. The hike location will be determined later depending on displays and access.

Larry Ballard has an interest in all aspects of the region’s natural history and has led many natural history trips for our organization as well as for other groups and institutions in Santa Barbara County.